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Gallery of Orthopedic Medical Devices - Fracture Fixation continued...

By Tim B. Hunter, MD and Mihra S. Taljanovic, MD, PhD


Bone Grafts and Bone Substitute

Bone graft harvesting
Bone graft harvesting Bone graft harvesting Bone graft harvesting postoperative image Bone graft harvesting postoperative image
41 year-old woman with left distal tibial pilon fracture with considerable bone loss. Bone graft harvesting to replace the lost bone was done from the left femur using a DePuy Synthes RIA intramedullary bone graft harvest system. The left two images show the reamer in the left femur. The right two images show postoperative gas (arrow) from the bone harvest site. Courtesy Kellon Hansen, MD.
Cadaver allograft   Bone graft substitute used for tumor therapy Fibular mandibular reconstruction
Cadaver allograft Cadaver allograft Bone substitute placed in curretted enchondroma Mandibular reconstruction
AP and lateral views of the knee show a distal femoral cadevaric limb sparing allograft approximated to the native distal femoral stump by a retrograde intramedullary nail. Two interlocking cannulated screws go through the distal portion of the nail. Cruciate ligament and capsular reattachment were performed with two interference screws and two staples in the proximal tibia and a staple in the posterior aspect of the allograft metaphysis.  The patient had a non-specified distal femur sarcoma. Patient with enchondroma in distal phalanx of the thumb which has been curetted and filled with a bone substitute. 25 year-old woman with mandibular osteosarcoma. The mandible was restored with autologous fibula free-flap reconstruction.
Puddu Titanium osteotomy plate with 12 mm hydroxyapatite bone graft wedge Distal ulna and distal radioulnar joint reconstruction with Rush rod and methylmethacrylate  
Hydroxyapetite bone wedge Hydroxyapetite bone wedge Left forearm reconstruction Left forearm reconstruction
    66 year-old woman with distal ulnar resection for treatment of a leiomyosarcoma  
Bone allografts   Buttress fixation plate and bone graft substitute Antibiotic beads
Right tibia bone graft Right tibia bone graft Buttress plate and bone substitute Antibiotic beads
43 year-old man with comminuted right tibia and fibula fractures as well as extensive bone loss and soft tissue injury. A tibial intramedullary nail with proximal and distal locking screws is present as well as multiple rounded bony allografts. There are also large skin staples. 63 year-old woman with lateral tibial plateau fracture treated by a lateral buttress plate and Norian bone graft substitute. The antibiotic laden cement beads were placed in an area of infected bone after removal of an infected fixation plate.
Bilateral hip antibiotic beads in a patient with infected hips after girdlestone procedures   bone stimulator
Antibiotic beads Hip antibiotic beads MRI coronal STIR image Ultrasonic bone stimulator AP view Ultrasonic bone stimulator lateral view
Pelvis radiograph. There are bilateral surgical drains and a catheter with a distended balloon in the bladder. Later coronal STIR MRI image. The beads have low signal and would not be recognizable without radiographic correlation. 71-year old woman with left proximal tibia and fibula fractures with delayed healing. A bone stimulator was placed to enhance bony healing. Courtesy Kellon Hansen, MD.
Metastatic renal cell carcinoma with pathologic fracture Metastatic renal cell carcinoma pathologic feature treated with curettage, bone cement, femur intramedullary nail, and distal locking screws   Antibiotic laden cement spacer
Bone cement in metastatic renal cell sarcoma Bone cement in metastatic renal cell sarcoma Antibiotic cement spacer
      36 year-old man with loss of index finger and a portion of the third metacarpal from a gunshot wound. The antibiotic laden cement block is stabilized by a small malleable plate and screws for treatment of third metacarpal bone infection.

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