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Gallery of Orthopedic Medical Devices - Joint Arthroplasty

By Tim B. Hunter, MD and Mihra S. Taljanovic, MD, PhD


Gallery of Joint Arthroplasty Devices - Shoulder

Right shoulder hemiarthroplasty Total shoulder prosthesis (arthroplasty) Total shoulder prosthesis (arthroplasty) Reverse total shoulder replacement arthroplasty plus skin staples
Shoulder hemiarthroplasty Shoulder prosthesis Total shoulder arthroplasty Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty
From Taljanovic, 2005 From Hunter, 1994 The glenoid component is cemented in place and the humeral component is press fit. From Taljanovic, 2005 This is particularly used for patients with rotator cuff arthropathy.
Right shoulder hemiarthroplasty Left shoulder reverse total shoulder arthroplasty
Right shoulder hemiarthroplasty Right shoulder hemiarthroplasty Left shoulder reverse total shoulder arthroplasty Left shoulder reverse total shoulder arthroplasty
61 year-old woman with bilateral shoulder prostheses. On the right there is a hemiarthroplasty. Notice the suture holes by the neck of the prosthesis for reconstructing the rotator cuff. On the left there is a reverse total shoulder arthroplasty. There is possible impingement on the inferior glenoid rim with beginning bone loss, "scapular notching" (arrow).
Right total shoulder arthroplasty Limb sparing prosthesis (hemiarthroplasty) Left shoulder humeral head hemi-cap  
Right shoulder total arthroplasty Limb sparing prosthesis Left humeral head hemi-cap Left humeral head hemi-cap
  This prosthesis was placed to spare the left upper extremity after widespread surgery for a metastatic bone tumor. The native glenoid is intact and articulates with the prosthetic humeral head. 46 year-old man with left humeral head hemi-cap from treatment of chronic reverse Hill-Sachs deformity. Heterotopic bone is forming about the shoulder joint.
Left shoulder resurfacing hemiarthroplasty Right shoulder prosthesis periprosthetic fracture  
Shoulder resurfacing hemiarthroplasty Right shoulder periprosthetic fracture    
Skin staples are also present 51 year-old woman  

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