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Gallery of Orthopedic Medical Devices

By Tim B. Hunter, MD and Mihra S. Taljanovic, MD, PhD



This gallery is designed as a quick reference for those wishing to identify an unfamiliar orthopedic medical device found on a radiologic study. The devices are grouped by body regions: neck and spine; dental; and orthopedic devices (fracture fixation and joint arthroplasty). Sometimes, a specific trademark name is shown for a particular device, but most of the devices illustrated are given generic names which apply to the device shown as well as similar devices.

It not important to know the specific name for a given device, as the names and the variations for medical apparatus are endless. What is important is to recognize the presence of a medical device and understand its generic function. It is important to be familiar with a device's normal appearance and be able to identify when it is abnormally positioned, abnormally functioning, or has a life-threatening complication. For more information about a specific illustrated device, please see any associated links given for the device or go to the specific essay discussing the device and associated devices for that part of the body.


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